Libra Love Traits

Read about the Libra love traits. How will a relationship with Libra be like?

Love Traits of Libra

Just like Taurus, Libra is also associated with Venus and hence the love traits are highly prominent in people born under this sign some of which are as under:

Positive Love Traits Of Libra:

Libraís are fun loving and can provide a lot of entertainment to their partners. They do not believe in hiding their emotions and are very expressive when it comes to sharing things with their partners which help their partners to know them better. Libraís are known to be very friendly and romantic and make their partnerís world like a fantasy land when they are committed to that person. Libraís tend to forgive easily which works well for their partners.

Negative Love Traits Of Libra:

Libraís however fun loving, may tend to get stubborn and grumpy at times. Their mood swings are almost like that of a kid and must be dealt with patience. If they do not like something or if something does not happen as per what they had thought, they may get easily irritated which will frustrate their partners. Their diplomacy may also work against them sometimes.

On the positive side
  • They are very sociable and it is hard to ignore their charm.
  • They are very peaceful and life with them is serene.
  • They are very reasonable and carry a balanced head on their shoulders.
  • They are very sensual and romantic.
  • They donít keep their feelings bottled up and if they love you, they will let you know with panache.
On the negative side :
  • They lack in motivation and give up easily which is not a good thing for a relationship.
  • They are indecisive which applies to choosing their partners as well.
  • They can be influenced rather easily which is bad news for their spouses.
  • They can be very picky and they lose very good matches in the process.
  • They may go through frequent mood swings and behave childishly at times.